Pusha T and Malice for Greatest, Goat 
December 2023

Creative Director: Daniel Sumarna, Art Direction: Kasper-Florio, Stylist: Marcus Paul, Introduction: Kris Ex, Interviewer: Steven Victor, Set Design: Christopher Amaro, Grooming: Emma De Boer, Production: Philippe Avendaño Vera and Luc Hueber at Artillerie

MeltDown for Gruppe Magazine
May 2023

Concept: Tom Schneider and Karl Felix, Stylist: Tim Heyduck, Art Direction: Fritz Schiffers, Set Design: Tom Schneider, Casting Director: Ananya, Kyra and Olga at CMS World, Hair Stylist: Dushan Petrovich, Make-Up Artist: Jana Kalgajeva, Fx Make-up: Una Ryu

Boy Brother Friend, Ceremony
December 2022

Stylist: Billy Lobos, Casting Director: Mischa Notcutt at 11 Casting, Hair Stylist: Moe Mukai, Make-Up Artist: Alice Dodds, Production: Arlaa World

PS23 Campaign for Samsøe Samsøe
Styling and Photography

Art Director: Jelena Fijan, Stylist and Photographer: Karl Felix, Model: Otalia Bolore, Hair Stylist: Poojah Mellivora and Aiden Rigo, Make-Up Artist: Trine Skjøth, Producer: Daniela Alvarado

19.09.2022 with Candela Capitán for 90antiope
September 2022

‘This series is a dialogue between London-based photographer Karl Felix, who depicts constellations of bodies and sculpts them in an abstract way to recreate scenarios and build artificial spaces for exploration, and Barcelona-based performer and choreographer Candela Capitán, whose work explores the activation and deactivation of social ties by placing the body in relation to other bodies, objects and collective images.’  words by Martha Kirszenbaum

Performance Artist: Candela Capitán, Stylist: Joe Share, Set Design: Emilia Margulies, Hair Stylist: Reiya Yamaoka, Post Production: Danny Faria