Karl Felix, photographer and creative director born in Germany, works at the intersection of fashion and fine art. His work is informed by his studies of social structure, digital innovations and the rise of surveillance, which contrasts with his devotion to nature.

The projects take place at an artificial setting, where interactions between groups and fictional characters arise, as well as attempting to disrupt heteronormative ideals outside the art and fashion industries.


01 CityTour
02 PlanSpiel
03 TagTräumer
04 LandTime
05 AktionsRaum
06 WindowService

SS23 Lookbook + Campaign
Work: Creative Direction + Photography

Stylist: Hamish Wirgman, Hair Stylist: Janina Zais,
Make-Up Artist: Lynski, Post Production: Danny Faria

CityTour is an ode to the French tourism culture and the obsession with the city of Love. School trips, the ‘I <3 Paris’ consumer behavior and the voyeuristic camp of touring has been a huge inspiration for this project. Marissa Baklayan and Karl Felix created characters that de-contextualize our ideas of travel through fantasy.

A retrospective of the first arrival to Paris with your French class, the hang-over mornings and sexy nights in public parks. A controversial moment of joy and the need to transcend the ideal of the presented masses.

Stylist: Marissa Baklayan, Casting: Memoria Di and Karl Felix, Make-up Artist: Shaila Mora, Hair Stylist: Gabriel de Fries

PlanSpiel picks up on renewed neo-feudalising tendencies in contemporary society, a world marked by greater concentration of wealth and property, reduced upward mobility, demographic stagnation, and increased dogmatism. Medieval Modernity essentially involves living like medieval peasants with iPhones at their disposal.

PlanSpiel is a game of human chess that rolls out a strategic play of knights and queens, pawns and bishops; plotting and confrontation, false moves and checkmates—Who gets played?

Concept: Tom Schneider + Karl Felix
Stylist: Hamish Wirgman, Casting: Najia Li Saad, Hair: Moe Mukai, Make-Up: Lynski, Set Design: Tom Schneider

AW21 Campaign 
Work: Creative Direction + Photography

Inspired by the muddy sunday walks at Hamstead Heath, this project was set up during pandemics lockdown to celebrate the fashion kids of east London showing off their looks on a casual walk up the hills. 

Hair: Moe Mukai, Make-Up: Lynski, Set Design: Amelia Stevens

LandTime is a collaboration between Set Designer Tom Schneider and Karl Felix. These figures can be seen as alter egos and generic urban types, scenes of modernity reinvested by nature. The result is uncanny images of life on hold, wrapped in a reinvented folklore; a placeholder that evokes conditions of in-betweenness: closeness and isolation, absence and presence, individuality and collectively.

‘The office is empty, the flowers are dry.
Our suits are dusty and we got shy.’

Photography, Styling: Karl Felix
Set Design, Mannequins: Tom Schneider

Published in Gruppe Magazine