Karl Felix, photographer and creative director born in Germany, works at the intersection of fashion and fine art. His work is informed by his studies of social structure, digital innovations and the rise of surveillance, which contrasts with his devotion to nature.

The projects take place at an artificial setting, where interactions between groups and fictional characters arise, as well as attempting to disrupt heteronormative ideals outside the art and fashion industries.


01 CityTour
02 PlanSpiel
03 TagTräumer
04 LandTime
05 AktionsRaum
06 WindowService

Hi, what’s your name?
Warming up the glaciers with this mountain session in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, framed by the conservative yet iconic Bavarian Alps. Karl Felix and menswear designer Alexandra Vincent unite to explore masculine curiosity and sexual desire, defining individual fantasy and emancipation.

Photography, Art Direction: Karl Felix
Menswear: Alexandra Vincent